Joel’s Memorial Pet Garden

At Gardner Animal Care Center, we have the privilege to care for families and their pets. It is our pleasure to celebrate and cultivate this special bond. We are continually blessed to see the special place pets have in our lives: the smile a puppy brings, the joy of a wagging tail, and the comfort of hugging our furry pets. What is most memorable to us is the strong bond between a family and their pet at the end of life. It is at these times, the most emotional and difficult for all of us, that we understand the strong connection between us and our pets. It hurts to say goodbye. We grieve with them; they were special to us too!

That’s why we wanted to create something to help people through the grief and to remember the joy. So we made a memory garden for our pets. At the center of the garden is a rock river that symbolizes life. Along the river banks are Day Lily’s representing happiness, surrounded by other plants that have the symbolic meaning of grace, beauty, and joy.

Anyone who has lost a pet is welcome to place a rock, ashes, or any other remembrance that holds a special place in their hearts. There it will remain as a special memory of a beloved pet.

Several years ago we had a veterinary nurse, Joel, who was taken from us far too early. Joel was one of the kindest and most loving people we have ever had the privilege to have as part of our family. So it was natural to name our garden after him, a special person we will always remember.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life, to care for your pet, and to help hold on to the memories. And thank you, Joel, for the love and inspiration.

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