Your pet’s home away from home.

We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Gardner Animal Care Center’s Boarding Facility. Our veterinary health care team is confident that your special family members will find our accommodations safe and comfortable. Our pet boarding facility welcomes cats and dogs and is one of the premier kennels in Gardner, MA.

For our canine boarders, we offer air-conditioned indoor runs filled with natural light from a number of skylights. The dogs enjoy fresh air in our outdoor kennels and are exercised on a daily walk. Each pet is provided with a blanket and a cot to create the most comfortable environment away from home.

For our feline boarders, a luxury cat townhouse awaits each pet, providing the finest accommodations available. Each unit consists of five levels for your cat’s climbing pleasure, a ventilated lower level with a litter pan, and a comfortable four-post bed.

As pet owners ourselves, we know and understand the importance of our special family members. Let our caring team provide the comfort, security, and fun for your pet, and provide you with peace of mind.

Gardner Animal Care Center’s Boarding Facility welcomes dogs and cats from throughout central Massachusetts and serves the areas of Gardner, Fitchburg, Worcester, Leominster, Athol, and Rindge and Keene, NH.

Answers to your questions:

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

*Open for drop off/pick up on Sundays and Major Holidays 12-2

Boarding for Dogs

We provide Science Diet food to our boarders along with fresh water. Owners are welcome to bring their own food. Medications will be dispensed as needed for an additional charge. Dogs will be let out at least twice per day to relieve themselves. In addition, every dog is walked mid-day. Every run is furnished with a comfy cot and blanket. Owners are welcome to bring items from home, except for foam beds.

Boarding for Cats

At Gardner Animal Care Center, each cat is provided with a five-story, luxury condo, complete with four-post bed. Science Diet cat food will be provided unless owners bring food from home. Cats have access to fresh water along with a personal litter box. They are given time to roam the play area, use the scratching post, play with toys, and explore.

Vaccination Requirements

Dogs: DHLPP, Rabies, and Intranasal Bordetella – For Canine Cough – which includes Bordetella bronchiseptica, canine parainfluenza, and canine adenovirus

Cats: FVRCP, Rabies

We recommend that pets are on a form of flea and tick control as well as heartworm preventative. Pets with fleas/ticks will be given a mandatory treatment of Frontline (cost based on dose per weight).

We also require proof of a negative fecal sample within the past year of the date of the boarding for our feline patients. For canine boarders, the negative fecal sample needs to be within the last six months of the time of boarding or daycare.

Very Important Pets (VIP) Program

Our “Very Important Pet” Program offers your pet extra special attention during their stay. For an added fee, we will spend time doing what your pet enjoys the most. This may include playing fetch, going for an extra walk, being brushed and petted, or playing with toys. At the owner’s discretion, dogs can be involved in playgroups where they can socialize with other dogs of similar temperament.

Doggie Daycare

We offer a friendly atmosphere for pets to enjoy their own “play day.” This allows dogs to get the socialization and exercise they may need while owners are at work. Please call a day before to ensure there is enough space available. Click here for more information about Doggie Daycare at Gardner Animal Care Center.

Extra Services

While your pet is staying at Gardner Animal Care Center, we offer a variety of in-house services for pet boarders:

  • Grooming/Nail Trims
  • Physical Exam by a Veterinarian
  • Annual Vaccinations
  • Fecal (Internal Parasite) test
  • Heartworm and tick-transmitted diseases test
  • Refills of Heartworm and/or flea and tick control
Current Rates

Please contact us for our current rates.

Boarding Medical Policy

Canine Cough Release Form

VIP Program

Our Very Important Pet program can be tailored to meet the likes and needs of your pet. While you are away, allow us to spend some quality, one-on-one time with your pet each day so we can show them just how special they are or dogs can also participate in group doggie daycare!

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*Note: GACC is NOT responsible for lost or damaged items**