VIP Program 

Our Very Important Pet program can be tailored to meet the likes and needs of your pet. While you are away, allow us to spend some quality, one-on-one time with your pet each day so we can show them just how special they are or dogs can also participate in group doggie daycare!

VIP, we can do what your cat or dog likes best! You tell us!

For a discounted rate, your dog can enjoy his usual doggie daycare routine or join in the fun, and see if they like!

Some VIP options with the individual attendant would include, but are not limited to:

Dogs: Playing fetch, playing tug of war, chasing balls, belly rubs and petting, extra walks, playing in the outdoor enclosure

Cats: Playing with a cat dancer, chasing balls, access to scratching post, petting and cuddling

In the winter months, playtime for dogs will be in our downstairs, open concept doggie play area. In the warmer months, dogs will get outdoor time to play depending on weather conditions.

Cats have a quiet room in the condo area for VIP time.

Playtime for our VIP guests consists of a minimum of 20 minutes of playtime.

*Program may not benefit aggressive or extremely scared pets.  Boarding staff may use their discretion to decide not to implement VIP program if a pet is aggressive and owner will not be charged.


Please complete the form below to submit the VIP Program Authorization. You can also click the button below to download and print the form.
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