I promise not to say anything about Mongolian driving.

But it is very unusual here if you want to take a taxi. You simply walk on the side of the road, very carefully, and stick out your arm. Then a “taxi” will quickly pull over and pick you up. The unusual thing is anyone can be a taxi. Any car can pull over and pick you up, and then they will drive you anywhere you want to go even if it is a dark alley at night that is so narrow and rough I would not take my 4 wheel drive Sequoia on, and then drop you off at a dead end where you have to squeeze through opening in the iron gate. And then you pay them the “standard rate” which everyone seems to know by osmosis or something. I can’t even figure their currency out yet, but the women just tell me what color bills to give him. But it is too dark to see. I think it was the blue bill, but I am not sure. Maybe he got a good tip. It doesn’t matter because it is very cheap anyway, something like $2.50 for the 4 of us. Maybe it was discounted because of the gate squeeze thing. But at least there was no traffic jam in the alley. Oops, I am not supposed to talk about driving.

Devotions went better today. They were more attentive. I don’t think it was my presentation. I think it was the chocolate. I am sorry to say I stooped so low that I gave them chocolate as a bribe… I mean visual aid. It was supposed to be a picture of the goodness and joy of forgiveness. I hope they understood it. They finished the bag. Every last piece of Hershey chocolate. They like chocolate. I like yak.

It was a busy day at the clinic. We did a fracture repair on a large dog. The big problem was the fracture happened 8days ago, so the muscles had all contracted with fibrosis. It took 3 of us an hour to stretch things out so the pieces would fit back together. It ended up well and hopefully it will heal. The dog is going to be very sore. I think he needs some chocolate. But there is none left. That’s ok, he should not have chocolate anyway. Maybe I will give him yak. I think he will like yak. I like yak.

Tonight we went to a college group meeting. It was interesting. Except it was mostly in Mongolian. I don’t understand Mongolian. I don’t understand college students. I looked out the window.

Tomorrow is Friday. I don’t know if they do TGIF in Mongolia. Maybe I will teach them. With chocolate. I am really enjoying the people here. I am learning more than I am teaching. I like being here. I hope they like having me here. If not, they are still very polite. I will take polite.

Until tomorrow. God Bless
Dr Mike