Good Evening.  It is currently 5:08 pm in Las Vegas.  At home, it is now 8:08 pm.  I hear we received some snow today but once again it was not as much as initially anticipated.  I am glad because I am not home to clear the driveway.  Our neighbors typically help Dawn when I am away.

Today, I participated in a Vet-Stem “Boot Camp”  laboratory.  It was extremely useful as I continue my education on the use of adult stem cells for arthritis in our canine patients.  The instructional lab showed us injection techniques, confirmation using radiographs and ultrasound, and rehabilitation therapy techniques.  This lab went a long way in preparing me for implementing our Stem Cell Program at the Gardner Animal Care Center.  The most interesting topic covered was rehabilitation therapy.  We were exposed to a variety of tools that are available for physical therapy in our pets.  I was intrigued by the majority of the products that were demonstrated.  Upon my return home, I will be reviewing the vast amount of information, and developing a program at our hospital.  As a reminder, a future blog will discuss what stem cells are and how they are utilized in disease processes.

The afternoon was spent going through the exhibit hall.  I made sure to visit all our veterinary partners that supply us with useful products in our hospital.  I made sure to stop by the vendors that carry rehabilitation equipment.  I was most interested in looking at two pieces of equipment:  cold therapy and laser therapy delivery systems.  These will by added to my wish list.  I also made sure to look at treadmills  and a gait analysis system.  As always, it is fun getting a variety of pads, pens, stress balls, mints, samples, and books.  I even took the time to get my cholesterol checked.  Time to improve my eating habits based on the results.  Probably didn’t help I hate an hour before the test.

Tonight, Bayer is providing the entertainment.  At 8:30 pm, I will be seeing Foreigner.  This should be a good show.  Until tomorrow…….Good Night!!