Some days start noisy, today started with a little knock on the door from Emily that I needed to come and look at something. She was pretty calm, considering it was a 4 inch spider stalking their bed. I caught it in a cup to show Oscar and Tamy but they were not impressed, they grow them big down here. I thought it was one of the babies from that big spider on Lord of the Rings, but it was quietly dispatched by Oscar without any Hollywood effects.

One more day, one more opportunity to help the doggies, kitties, piggies, horsies, and bunnies in Catarina. We helped a lot. We did 15 surgeries including a broken hip ostectomy that Mark did. It also had a broken knee, but it was a young pup that was hit by car, so it may heal well and at least it has a chance. We probably dewormed, deflead, and checked over 150 other pets, all who came to Oscar and Tamy’s house for the free clinic. It was a good last day. Afterward we went to the store, went swimming, and had a little going away/ birthday party with pizza (from Papa Johns which was the only chain restaurant we saw in our stay in Nicaragua) and cake. It was gooood. We also got a pinyotta, (at least that is the phonetic spelling) and it was fun to whack away blindfolded at it. Emily landed the final blow, and the poor thing blew its cookies, I mean candy, all over the place. Then cards and fun stuff like that to finish the day.

All in all, it has been a great mission in Nicaragua. Tomorrow morning we head back home via Miami. It will be good to see Nancy again, as we all miss her. And I am glad to see the weather report, as it looks like some of this 90 degree weather is headed north, and none of that snow is coming this way. They have never had snow down here, and it doesn’t even get into the 40’s, so if they ever come up north I will have to take them skiing, on the bunny hill of course, unless I want to get them back for all that noise stuff they pull down here, and then I will take them on the black diamond trail, but I will surprise them like a 4am parade haha and lets see if they think it is so funny. But I am feeling a little better now that I have gotten some sleep, thank you, as you can tell by the cheerful tone of my blog. You know another thing, the drinking water is always warm. It starts out at about 75 degrees, but then warms up to about 85, and there is no ice, so lukewarm water it is, and you have to drink a lot of it to stay hydrated. I am looking forward to fresh hot coffee and ice cold water, yes sir.

Well, time to pack. I will write one more blog, in case you were hoping I would finish early and quit while I was behind and make this the final one. But no one is forcing you to read these silly things, so as I said before, don’t blame me.

Until tomorrow, blessings from Catarina
Dr Mike