As this is my first post, you may have to bear with me; Dr Brian is the tech guy, and when he said I would really love an IPad and then got me one, I figured the least I could do is write a daily blog. So here it is.
This is my first mission trip and I decided to make the most of it. So I am on my way to Mongolia to join a team of veterinarians with Christian Veterinary Missions, who have a very good long term relationship with the Mong. Veterinary community. My “purpose” is twofold: first I am here to help guide and disciple the people I will be working with, in Christian principles and living. Second, I will be overseeing a small animal hospital and the teaching of veterinarians and students in practicing clinical veterinary medicine and surgery. I am very excited about this opportunity.
I am writing from Washington DC waiting at the busy airport. I came within 10 minutes of not making the flight because of visa questions, but thank the Lord, I made it through. Note to self, try to avoid Beijing/China if you want smooth tranquil travel.


I have a long layover in Beijing, so I will post from there. Hopefully they will let me out because my suitcase has lots of stuff security does not like to see (scalpels, needles, surg scissors).

God Bless
Dr Mike McTigue