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Pet News And Information You Can Use!

Veterinary News Network & PetDocsOnCall

Gardner Animal Care Center is committed to providing you with the latest pet news and medical information. Dr. Brian Hurley is a reporter with the Veterinary News Network.

For the latest news about animal health, check out the Veterinary News Network. VNN is a national network of veterinarians and jouranlists working together to broadcast stories about the latest trends and advances in veterinary medicine and pet health.

Improving the Quality of Veterinary Medical Information in the Public Media

Veterinary News Network & PetDocsOnCall

Gardner Animal Care Center’s Dr. Brian C. Hurley is a certified member in the American Society of Veterinary Journalism (ASVJ). The ASVJ national organization was created in an effort to improve the quality of veterinary medical information delivered in the public media as well as lend extraordinary credibility and confidence to both producers and editors of media programs and publications.