The Manufacturer of IVERHART PLUS Flavored Chewable Tablets has voluntarily recalled three lots due to subpotent levels of ivermectin in two lots which may not fully protect pets against heartworms and one lot nearing the lower potency limit for ivermectin. No adverse reactions or illnesses have been reported with these products.

Please check any IVERHART PLUS product in your home to see if it contains one of the following lot numbers. If you have the product with one of these lot numbers, please bring it to our hospital as soon as possible for a replacement six-month package of IVERHART PLUS or if you are not a client, be sure to contact your veterinarian. The lot number is listed on the bottom lid/flap of the box in a white text field and on the “blister foil” of the individual doses.

  • IVERHART PLUS Dogs Small Up to 25 lbs., lot #090073
  • IVERHART PLUS Dogs Large 50 to 100 lbs., lot #090093 and lot #090095

No other lots of IVERHART PLUS are affected by this recall.

If your dog weighs 75 pounds or more, it may not be currently protected against heartworms. We are asking that all owners with dogs weighing 75 pounds or more, contact our office if you are a client, or your pet’s veterinarian to see when your dog will need to be tested (five (5) to six (6) months after last dose administered) to ensure it was not infected with heartworms. If your dog was infected, treatment can begin, which will be covered under the IVERHART PLUS product guarantee. We have a copy of the guarantee in our office and if you are not a client, your veterinarian should have a copy.

The manufacturer of this product apologizes for this inconvenience, but it is important that you return any of the affected lots and let us know the date of the last dose for any dogs that weigh 75 pounds or more so that we can provide your pet the highest quality of medical care possible.

Your pet’s health is our priority. If you are a client and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 978-632-7110.

Thank you.