Today, being Sunday was a day of rest, theoretically. We started off by going to a lagoon, which is a circular deep lake formed when a volcanoes erupts and spews lava, then collapses on itself and eventually fills with water. The day was warm and sunny, the water was warm, the sunscreen was liberally applied, and I still burned, or as I prefer to call it, an Irish tan. But it was worth it. We swam around like wounded fish, played some baseball with a noodle for a bat, which made it kind of difficult to hit because it is so limp, but we had fun anyway. We rode in the back of the pickup again and felt happier than a bird dog on scent, as they say in the south, I think. Then some lunch and some more shopping, but I stayed back because my gastrointestinal system was in an inflamed state. I feel better now, but there are conditions down here that are probably still unnamed but very real nonetheless, and they leave you feeling, well inflamed, which is sort of like the Smithers when they lose a game, but they get over it pretty quick also.

We went to church at 6:00 pm, and Oscar led us in a hymn where we alternated between English and Spanish, which was nice. May 30 is Mother’s Day which is a big deal down here, it is actually a national holiday and they close most things, so they invited all the mothers to come up and then their kids came up and put their arms around them while they sang and prayed; family is very important down here which is refreshing to see. Then we came back and ate, I only had bread and cheese, but then they bought out the ice cream, cookies and cream, and who can resist that even if you are arguing with your stomach, so I just told my stomach what was coming down, and everything was fine. Sometimes you just have to get a little firm with your innards and let them know who is boss and hope you don’t toss the cookies and cream, and it works out fine. But you have to be careful and not push that game too much, but tonight I won and it was good. After playing another game of peanut butter, where we tried to steel the sign of the Smithers, which was some kind of smirk/smile, we lost, and they won, which was probably good cause there was no fight afterward.

Well tomorrow is our last workday, and it should be busy, so off to sleep, hopefully, and then some more fun.

Until then, blessings from Catarina
Dr Mike