I wake up at the same time as at home, at 5:30 am, even though we are 2 hours later here. I don’t try to, but that’s what I’m stuck with. I wish the roosters were that consistent. Lots of things grow very well here like fruits and vegetables and bugs. And coffee beans. They have lots of coffee bean trees. So how come the only coffee they have here is instant coffee?? No fresh coffee in a tropical climate. Ketamine yes, coffee no. I understand it in Mongolia where the only thing they grow is snow, but here, it does not make sense. As soon as we pull into Miami, I’m gonna have a big one, even if its at McDonald’s.

We went to a different village today, and it started slow, and our only entertainment was a cute little 4 year old girl who would just laugh and smile at everything and had us all playing with her, but then after an hour or so they started coming in bunches with the dogs and pigs. After about 5 hours we finished and headed back home a little early, ate lunch, and then played pool volleyball until we all pruned up. It started sunny and hot, then some clouds, then some rain, then it poured, then the mist and the wind picked up a little bit, but we still kept playing, not because we are tough, and not because we are stupid, but because even though the temp dropped 10 degrees it was still about 80. When we heard there was a chance of snow in the higher elevations back home, I have to admit I was glad to be here today, except we could not watch the bruins win. After dinner, and the food here has been good and plenty, we played cards for awhile. We played a game called peanut butter, which is basically a group of card grabbing signal steeling false pretending poker like card game from the south, where they are naturally more sneaky so they have an advantage. But actually the best people at it aren’t specifically from the south. They are specifically the women. You can read into that what you want, but I think there is some kind of genetic thing going on, and I am not going to say anything else because I married one, have 4 of them as kids, and work with a whole bunch of them. But I’m just saying, it does seem kind a peculiar how good they are at it without even trying.

Well it is time to go to bed, but I have to leave the light on for about 10 minutes at first because they have this bug that is like a cross between an ant and a small hornet and they dive bomb from the ceiling when you first get in the room, but they don’t sting, they just crawl around your legs which makes it difficult to sleep, not that we need more problems in that department. But they don’t have black flies or Yankee fans here, so that is a good thing.

Until tomorrow, blessings from Catarina
Dr Mike