I arrived in Las Vegas for the conference on Friday.  The trip started on a down note.  My father, Dan, typically joins me for this conference.  His flight got cancelled and they could not reschedule a flight for him to get here so he will not be joining me this year.  However, two friends, Rob and Steve, were able to make the trip.

Saturday was the adjustment day.  With the three hour time change, it takes the body a day or so to get acclimated.  The weather was beautiful and we spent the day walking Las Vegas Blvd.  By the time we walked back to the Luxor Hotel, where I am staying, it must have been at least 8 miles.

Today was the first day of the conference.  I woke up at 6 am, got ready, and walked to Mandalay Bay Convention Center to pick up my registration material.  I went back to my room to plan the afternoon lectures to attend.  I decided dermatology was the topic of the day.  If you have a pet with skin issues, you know how skin problems can be very frustrating.  As your veterinarian, we feel your frustration.  Dr. Ackerman spoke about turning frustrations into a commitment.  We need to remember, numerous skin issues will not be cured.  Instead, we need to be ready to manage long-term.  The remainder of the day was spent discussing tests, diagnostic approaches and treatment options.

I must admit, the highlight today was the opening show sponsored by Hill’s Pet Food.  Bill Engvall opened the show with his comedy and I laughed for the entire show.  What a GREAT way to end Day 1.  Tomorrow starts early.