Veterinary Emergency Transport

At the Gardner Animal Care Center, we understand the importance of immediate care when it comes to life threatening emergencies.  It is important to us that your beloved pet receives care quickly and is cared for 24/7 in a facility staffed by veterinary specialists.  We are proud to announce our partnership with Veterinary Emergency Transport based out of the Westford Emergency and Referral Center.

Veterinary Emergency Transport has been providing 24-hour rapid emergency care since 2001.  As a registered Massachusetts ambulance, their primary unit can respond in Code-3 mode in the same way as “human” ambulances.  This mobile ICU is equipped with a GPS navigation system, closed-circuit video monitoring, electrical inverter, suction unit, IV pumps, infusion warmer, cardiac/respiratory arrest support and an oxygen cage with more than one-hundred hours of constant oxygen delivery.  When fully stocked with life-saving monitoring devices and pharmaceuticals, the V.E.T. ambulance is better equipped than many human ambulances.

The V.E.T. primary ambulance was once a “human” ambulance that has been customized to safely transport dogs, cats and other small animals.  Up to 5 people can be transported with their pet.  A closed-circuit video monitoring mounted within the oxygen cage permits constant patient monitoring. 

The V.E.T. ambulance makes every attempt to make their services affordable and available to pet owners and their client’s hospitals.  Fees for transport are based on the nature of the emergency and miles traveled.

Emergency Hospital-to-Hospital Transports

This is a service provided by Westford Emergency and Referral Center. For more information, or if you feel you need your pet needs to be transported, please call (978) 577-6525.