Client Survey

Tell us what you think!

Our mission is to maintain a dedicated, caring and knowledgeable team committed to providing exceptional client service and Veterinary Health Care.  We strive toward this excellence through continuing education, technical advances and compassionate care for all pets entrusted to us.

You can help us reach and maintain this level of service by sharing your veterinary needs and expectations. By completing this questionnaire, you will be a part of our team meetings and be assured that your comments will be discussed and acted upon. Thank you for your time and effort.

As a bonus for completing the survey, your name will be entered into a drawing that will take place at the end of each quarter during the year and a prize will be given to the name of the person drawn. Please completely fill out the contact information form following the survey.

Please Note: Your privacy is 100% assured.

How did you choose our Animal Care Center?
A friend or relative recommended the practice
I drove by
I saw the practice in the Yellow Pages
Verizon Superpages
Gardner Animal Care Center Website
When I telephoned: Yes No
My call was answered promptly
It was easy to make an appointment
I was placed on hold too long
I was offered to be called back if needed
I did not phone
The team member I spoke to on the phone was: Yes No
Friendly and attentive
I did not phone
The parking lot/grounds are: Yes No
The reception area: Yes No
Neat and Clean
Countertops were free from clutter
Retail displays are well organized
I liked the refreshment bar
The receptionist(s): Yes No
Stood and greeted me
Aware of purpose of visit
Seemed warm and cheerful
Gave me undivided attention
Seemed hospitable
Answered all my questions
The technician: Yes No
Greeted me with warmth
Was gentle with my pet
Seemed proficient and knowledgeable
Gave me the information I needed
The veterinarian: Yes No
Introduced himself/herself
Washed his/her hands before examining my pet
Listened to what I said
Described, diagnosed and treated well
Answered all my questions
Seemed interested in what I had to say
Gave clear advice about how to treat my pet
The veterinarian was: Yes No
Professional in manner and appearance
Good at comforting me and my pet
Able to make me feel valued
Additional Questions: Yes No
Was your waiting time reasonable?
Did you understand our fees?
If you marked “No” please explain here.
  Yes No
Do you feel the fees were reasonable?
If you marked “No” please explain here.
Why did you choose this hospital?
  Yes No
Have you recommended us to others?
Why or why not?
What suggestions do you have for improving the office, staff or procedures?
Any additional comments:
Please completely fill out the following form.
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